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If you have ever been to an Alice Cooper concert, only one word can come to your mind; shock. Cooper is crowned the king of Shock metal rock and his performance is often times described as gruesome, grotesque, disturbing but downright artistic and intriguing. You have not witnessed a heavy metal performance unless you have been to an Alice Cooper concert, a household name that has remained relevant since the 90s. Initially, Alice Cooper was a rock metal band led by the imaginative mind of one Vincent Damon Furnier. Whenever the name Furnier was called on stage, one always expects a series of bizarre props before the guitar performance drops. Alice Coopers thrilled in shocking items like live boa constrictors, pools of fake blood, electric chairs and actual guillotines on stage. Sadly, the ever burning performance of Alice Cooper band died to solemn embers after the group disbanded leaving only Furnier running the show. The journey of Vincent Furnier began while he was an inventive teenager in the 1960s. His taste for showbiz was obvious and his burning desire to succeed as a rock artist was seen in the many groups he formed back then. His first group was named the Earwigs, which was later changed to Spiders and finally the Nazz. But after learning of another band under the same name, Furnier quickly changed the name to Alice Cooper; an interesting nicknamed bestowed on Furnier, after a 17th century witch. Soon the magic of Alice Cooper band began to spread with their first album ‘Pretties for You’ dropping in late 1960. Several albums followed through the 70s, some making top charts while others flopping. After the band’s disbandment, Furnier did not drop out of stardom as was proven by his first solo project, Welcome to My Nightmare. The old Alice Cooper tune was heavily invested in this album, projecting it to instant best seller in mid 70s. His star shone even brighter in the 80s after taking on acting in a few horror films and even guest performing for pop metal bands. Alice Cooper has shared the same stage with Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, and is therefore a self proclaimed legend in heavy metal and pop metal rock. And of course, he never let go of the spooky props.

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